Drunken, Bombastic, and a little bit queer, Akaimere is the Captain, of the ship, of the rum, or his fancy clothes. His Second in command is Minerva, and together they'll make lots of money and drink lots of alcohol.


Akaimere is an unussual species even among the world of Ironclaw, a tall wiry fellow he looks like a snowy white furred Draconian creature. He tends to dress ‘fashionably’ but most would consider his wardrobe flamboyant, or abhorrent before they’d call it fashion. Being a weird Narcissist he also maintains a sock puppet collection that inexplicably seems to all clearly resemble others around him, and he has been on several occasions caught acting out scenes between these figures, generally the viewer quickly attempts to shuffle out of the room to let him finish his bizarre show.

In the campaign Akaimere can act as transportation, a quest provider, and catalyst.



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